Time is Brain, Time for Change initiative

NC Map of stroke centersTime is Brain Time for Change logo Our goal is to ensure that every North Carolinian has access to timely, state-of-the-art stroke care no matter where they happen to be, across the state, when a stroke occurs. By providing assessments and funding for hospitals as they pursue Acute Stroke Ready certification, we can improve the likelihood of stroke victims receiving critical care within the optimal three-hour time frame. This is especially important for the eastern counties of our state who regularly record some of the highest stroke death rates in the country, and have the fewest hospitals with advanced care certification.

"North Carolina has significant gaps in access to stroke care. By providing hospitals with the additional funding they need to become Acute Stroke Ready certified, we are helping to close those gaps."

Beth Parks, Executive Director, North carolina Stroke Association

If you or a loved one are experiencing Stroke symptoms, call 911 and get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY! Treatments are available that may dramatically reduce a Stroke’s devastating effects—but they must be provided within a few hours of the onset of a Stroke.