Make a Donation

The North Carolina Stroke Association is a wise investment for our community. Your personal gift will help us to stem the tide of Stroke incidence and its impact on the family.

The best way to treat a Stroke is to prevent one. With your help, we can work toward that goal.

For more information about making a donation to the North Carolina Stroke Association, please contact Beth Parks, NCSA executive director, at (336) 713-5052 or email at .

Or mail your check to:

North Carolina Stroke Association
Piedmont Plaza 2
Ward A. Riley Ultrasound Center
2000 West First Street
Suite 504
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104



If you or a loved one are experiencing Stroke symptoms, call 911 and get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY! Treatments are available that may dramatically reduce a Stroke’s devastating effects—but they must be provided within a few hours of the onset of a Stroke.