North Carolina Stroke Association Giving Opportunities

Contributions to the North Carolina Stroke Association (NC Stroke Association) enable us to achieve our mission to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke in North Carolina through relationships and collaborations to facilitate screening, education, outcome assessments, and advocacy. Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor about the best options for you. Or, you may contact the NC Stroke Association’s office for more information.

How to Give


The gift of cash is simple and direct. Your donation may be applied to our stroke programs, or it can go to support the NC Stroke Association Partnership Grant Program which focuses on the improvement of stroke identification, prevention and patient education- especially in high risk and underserved areas of the state.

Securities and Real Estate

These types of gifts generate benefits in two ways. First, you receive an income tax deduction for the market value of the property, and second, the donor avoids any potential tax on the capital-gain element in the gifted property. The proceeds of the gift can be designated as an outright cash gift.

Bequests and Wills

The NC Stroke Association can be designated as a beneficiary in your estate plans through your trust or will document. You can direct the NC Stroke Association to receive a specific gift, a specified dollar amount or a residual amount of your estate. Gifts under wills enable individuals to make significant gifts that they may not have been able to make during their lifetime.

Planned Gifts

Effective planning with charitable giving creates significant savings in the present and for the future. Planned gifts are superb mechanisms for benefiting charitable organizations. These gifts offer opportunities to minimize federal and state taxes, and they enhance possibilities for effective distribution of assets.

Matching Gifts

Matching Gift programs allow you to allocate your company’s charitable dollars to services and programs that are important to you. Matching gifts are donations made by employees and/or spouses to the NC Stroke Association. The donor’s employer may pay the same amount or more to the NC Stroke Association. Each company has its own protocol about their Matching Gifts Program. Their Human Resources Department and/or the company website will provide information on how the program works.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Memorials and gifts made in honor of someone are popular ways to make a donation. The NC Stroke Association sends acknowledgements to the honoree, or to the family of the person in whose memory a memorial donation was made.



If you or a loved one are experiencing Stroke symptoms, call 911 and get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY! Treatments are available that may dramatically reduce a Stroke’s devastating effects—but they must be provided within a few hours of the onset of a Stroke.